Healthy Selfie Transformation Tuesday Story

Working at Healthy Selfie, we have the pleasure of witnessing people transform their lives everyday in pursuit of a healthier and happier life. We work hard to provide our customers with the ultimate tools to track their fitness journeys.

I’d like to introduce you to a dedicated Healthy Selfier Harry Kersley, somebody who personifies what hard work and determination can achieve. Harry is a regular 20 year old student from London, however his story is anything but ordinary. He was bullied at school about his size and told he’d always be overweight. Instead of feeling down about his insecurities he turned this into rocket fuel, turning his health and body around, losing a whopping 32kg. That’s the equivalent of  an 11 year old boy, 72 bags of sugar or 32kgs worth of bricks… Forgetting how much weight he lost he looks phenomenal and is happier for it. Let’s just say Harry will be having the last laugh. :)

Unfortunately for Harry, Healthy Selfie wasn’t out when he began his transformation. But if it was, you would have been able to see how Harry achieved what he did and follow him every step on his way to becoming “Healthy Harry”. This is what Healthy Selfie is all about, you may not be there yet but with the drive, determination and support from the HS community you’re able to carve out your perfect body and achieve things you didn’t think possible. Also, documenting where you were to where you are now is pretty awesome.

Without further ado… Ladies want to be with him, and guys want to be him, I present to you, Harry Kersley.


 What made you decide to start your journey?

The initial reason for starting my transformation was to improve strength as well as fitness for sport (rugby). However I received harsh “banter” from my peers at school and I recall one friend saying I will never get a six pack. I allowed this to fuel my determination to this day.

Healthy Selfie Transformation Tuesday Story

How long has your transformation taken? 
I started my transformation in March 2013 weighing in at 124kg at around 30% body fat. I am now 92kg at around 10% body fat.
Healthy Selfie Transformation Tuesday Story

How did you track your progress?
Initially I knew I had to lose at least a couple of stone. So I used the scales to track this goal. Although weight was a factor in keeping track I found that being able to see the visual changes was what motivated me the most. I now use Healthy Selfie in order to track my aesthetic progress with regards to definition etc. it’s just the simplest way to stay on top of your body.

What did you find was the most meaningful metric?
Definitely selfies. I felt it was a great confidence boost. If you ever start doubting your progress; looking at old photos make you realise just how much your physique has improved. No one expects to become Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, but the small incremental changes that you don’t notice from just looking in the mirror everyday, is what kept me motivated to continue.

What we really wanna know is… How did you do it?
My initial methodology was to cut out all simple carbohydrates (eg white bread, etc.)
Even just doing this in the first month I lost up to a stone. However the more weight I lost the harder it became. This meant that I had to start lowering my carbohydrates and replacing it with more protein and fats. I also like to manipulate my carb consumption. Some days I would have low carbs (50g) and some days I would have high carb days (300g). I felt this had a severe shock on the metabolism meaning that I was able to burn more kcal. Training wise I still believe in sticking to basics. I still do primary lifts (bench, squat, deadlift, etc…) and I am strong believer of lifting heavy and working until failure. I have always liked to improve my strength so I keep my rep ranges low for the big lifts and then will increase the reps for secondary lifts to improve the aesthetic of the muscle. I also do cardio everyday. I like to do HIIT involving sprints and spin-classes. However I think it is important to have long stationary cardio to keep the body guessing.

Where do you see the value in the healthy selfie app?
Firstly I think the idea is inspired.
I think it is a really efficient way in which to track progress with the physique. It allows you to compare photos from a chosen date range, which really enables you to understand strengths and weaknesses in your progress. I also like the food diary functionality. I’ve always found that if you keep a constant log of your meals, you are going to be less inclined to binge. Last but not least, the community is a huge part of the app, everybody on there is so supportive of each other, it’s great to see!

What would your advice be to someone out there starting on their fitness journey?
I found making small changes made massive differences. Create a regime you can stick to and stay true to yourself. Use selfies every so often (weekly or monthly basis) to see the progress you are making but if you are making a large drop in weight like myself, don’t ignore the scales. You must see the process as a lifestyle not as a chore. Thank those who doubted you as they will be the ones who drive you to be who want to be.

Harry Kersley Healthy Selfie AccountTo continue following Harry’s story follow him on Healthy Selfie @harry.alexander.kersley


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