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If you follow her on Instagram already, you’ll agree her food is quite literally a feast for the eyes. To top it off, the sprinkle of selfies she pops in from time to time keep us all coming back for more without inundating our news feeds with bare bum cheeks or cleverly placed endorsements (I’m you sure you’ve all experienced this in one form or another…)

If you don’t follow her, you need to right now. It may sound absurd, but it will leave you craving a hearty portion of sautéed kale…  With her following currently at over 72,000 and literally growing by thousands on a daily basis, Alice Liveing (a.k.a. Clean Eating Alice), is exploding on Instagram and is fast becoming a brand unto herself. To top that off, she’s the face of LDN Muscle’s Bikini Guide and Leader of the #LDNMLadies Tribe.

What’s not immediately obvious from her Instagram page, however, is the transformation Alice has experienced herself over the past year. Today, she tells Healthy Selfie HQ the how’s and why’s behind her incredible lifestyle change, plans for the future and why lifting weights as a woman will not turn you into the Incredible Hulk!

HSHQ: What made you decide to begin your journey?

I think a real turning point was constantly feeling physically exhausted and unhappy with the way I looked. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and honestly woke up one morning and thought ‘this needs to change’!!

HSHQ: How did you track your transformation? (e.g. weight, body fat %, pictures etc…)

I began tracking my progress initially through weighing myself, however I quickly decided that this wasn’t a healthy or helpful means of tracking my progress so I started using progress pictures instead. 

“I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t rely on a figure on the scales to gauge progress, with daily fluctuations and inaccuracies you can become worryingly obsessed with numbers, trust me I’ve been there!!”

HSHQ: What did you find was the most motivating/meaningful metric?

I find using pictures the most effective way of tracking progress as you can see visual differences that the scales don’t show. I also find clothes can be a great indicator, trying on those jeans that used to be tight that are now loose is always a great feeling!

HSHQ: How did you do it? Did you follow any particular training or diet regime ?

I would say that changing my diet was the most important factor in my weight loss journey. I’d always been active and gone to the gym but never really noticed much difference to my physique. When I started to educate myself about diet and nutrition, however, and applied what I was learning to myself, I really started to notice changes in my body.

HSHQ: We’ve seen your amazing meals on your Instagram – do you have a nutritional background? What would your advice be for people who claim not to have the time to prepare healthy meals?

My mum is a qualified nutritionist, so growing up we’d always eaten fairly well, but I personally am not. I do however, simply love food and cooking has become a real passion of mine. I would say to those who feel like they don’t have time, to try and set aside a day to plan their meals and prep their food for the week; failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Having healthy snacks and meals pre-prepared means you are less likely to resort to convenience and choose a less healthy option. Also, as painful as it may be, sacrificing those extra fifteen minutes in bed in a morning would allow you to ensure you’ve had a good breakfast and set you up properly for the day!

HSHQ: We know you’re a fan of the Healthy Selfie app and love seeing your Sunday Selfies – where do you personally see the value in the app?

I think the Healthy Selfie App is great and would encourage anyone on a fitness journey to use it. I think one of the best bits about the app is the ability to keep track of your progress using date stamped photos, and share these in the encouraging community that is growing on the app. Gaining encouragement and praise from others using Healthy Selfie can make a real difference to someones progress, and I am especially enjoying the number of LDNM photos being shared on the app!

HSHQ: What would you say is the best thing about the Bikini Guide in comparison to other workouts you’ve tried?

The LDNM Bikini Guide, sadly unlike others, focuses on the key elements of sustainability and maintainability. It focuses on the individuals specific requirements, based on their body type, body weight and the time at which they train. No drastic or extreme measures with dangerously low calories and anything but a fad! It ensures the users are educated along the way and won’t fall victim to a rebound upon completion.

LDNM Bikini Guide

Based on the transformations we’ve seen on Social Media… The Guide is clearly doing something right!

HSHQ: A lot of ladies think they will ‘get big’ or ‘bulky’ by weight training. You’re testament to the fact that that’s not the case – any words of wisdom to quash this myth??

Weights don’t suddenly turn women into the hulk, fact! It is a great way to shred body fat and carve the body you desire. Ladies aren’t prone to piling on copious amounts of muscle – those that do are most probably ‘enhanced’ and for the normal lady getting big or bulky isn’t a real risk. Hit the weights and don’t look back.

HSHQ: We have a lot of people using the app at the very start of their journey – what would your advice to them be?

My best advice would be to stay consistent and committed, and to keep it interesting. I hope I show people through my Instagram page that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring, and by keeping meals interesting you are much less likely to crave less healthy foods. This rule can also be applied in the gym. Don’t get stuck in a routine, always try and keep it interesting, by trying new exercises, classes, or different ways of working out.

HSHQ: Clean Eating Alice is fast becoming a brand unto itself…. Can you share any exciting plans you have in store for the future?

I have so many exciting things in the pipeline which I hope will further grow and expand the Clean Eating Alice brand. I am so excited about my first recipe release with LDNM which will be happening very soon, as well as a possible event happening in the near future. I feel so blessed and honoured that so many people have followed my journey and have been inspired to start their own, and I am looking forward to seeing where this new chapter takes me!

So there you have it. If that doesn’t leave you pumped up to turn over a new leaf and begin the quest to a healthy lifestyle, what will! For those of you iPhone owners out there reading this blog who haven’t already downloaded the Healthy Selfie App, you can get it completely free here. Be sure to follow Alice by searching for her Healthy Selfie account @cleaneatingalice. And last but not least, in the words of Alice herself, “Spread the positive body image love and begin tracking your progress in this refreshing way”.

If you’re intrigued by the LDNM Bikini Guide V3 and the endless potential it could bring for your Summer Bod (yes, it’s March already), you can buy it online here. Still unsure whether you’re ready to commit? Try their free taster pack and you’ll be sold.

Happy Tuesday!

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