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You may have seen already via Instagram and Twitter, that we ran a Healthy Selfie takeover day @ Lomax PT, Chelsea this weekend, which has to be by far one of the coolest gyms we’ve ever been to. The classes there are awesome and the ‘Podular’ Training set up is inspired… No more sharing the squat rack.

Come 1pm on Saturday, the Grill Market cafe was buzzing with fitness blogger babes stripping down to their brightly coloured neon sports apparel (we’ve never seen quite such an array of colours!), and getting sweaty with friend of Healthy Selfie HQ and Lomax PT Trainer, Celia (aka: @londonfitnessguide) during an intense Cycle Blast class.

Although all of the ladies emerged from the class still looking fresh with more of an energised ‘glow’ as opposed to sheer exhaustion, you can see how tough the class was by playing spot the difference between the two photos below.

Before…. (Keep your eyes on the gentleman on the far right)

lomax spinning cycle blast fitness blogger

And after……

lomax spinning cycle blast fitness blogger

Post session, thirsts were quenched with ice cold nuts from CocoFaceUK – hand served by the founder Charlie nonetheless.

CocoFace is an incredible company that import their sweet young coconuts straight from a farm in Thailand and have recently sold their MILLIONTH nut. Having lived in Hong Kong before launching Healthy Selfie and being spoilt with fresh coconuts in the fridge on a permanent basis, it was amazing to have some that were equally (if not more) sweet than what I’ve had before. Not just that, but they do home delivery – so if anyone loves them as much as I do… And is prepared to sacrifice a little space in the fridge, check out their website. Gone are the days of the milkman, bring on the Nuts Guy….”From tree to you with love”.



The fun didn’t end there – salads and grilled meats were served by the Grill Market Cafe that sits beneath Lomax after the class. If you are around the area, it’s a must visit. Unlike a lot of the other healthy food hotspots I’ve tried before, this isn’t vegan or raw! Toppings included chicken, halloumi and a sweet potato burger on beds of well seasoned quinoa, kale and beet salad. I also tried a healthy homemade snickers bar which was…. Insane.

Perhaps the best part of Saturday’s event were the goodie bags that we handed out to all of our special guests. Some absolutely incredible brands came together to create a collection of treats that I wanted to keep for myself.

healthy selfie lomax goodie bag fitness bloggers

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved: MisfitUK (for which you can get a 20% Healthy Selfie discount online using code ‘HSA’); Nurture With Nature; Imbibery London; Bounce Balls; Rebel Kitchen; Livia’s Crumble; Active In Style; Five Feathers UK; Striders Edge; I Am Vibes, Whey Hey Protein Ice Cream and Buddy Scrub.

As newbies to the UK health and fitness space, we felt honoured to have some industry veterans in attendance! For anyone reading this looking for some fitspo or just fancy reading some fabulous blogs, please do check out and follow all of our attendees!

healthy selfie fitness bloggers

** Healthy Selfie 10K Competion **

Now, for the main event. To celebrate receiving 10,000 downloads in just under 8 weeks… We’re celebrating with an incredible giveaway! And it’s not one to miss. Unfortunately, it’s only for our UK based Healthy Selfiers… But when we hit 100k, we’ll make sure to go global!

We have 2 amazing goodie bags to give away with hundreds of pounds worth of gift vouchers and products for you to enjoy throughout your own fitness journey!

For the Ladies:

  • > 1 x Misfit Flash;
  • > 1 x £50 voucher to spend @ Hip and Healthy;
  • > 1 x The Ascent Racer Vest from Five Feathers Clothing;
  • > 1 x £30 voucher to spend @ Active In Style with a branded water bottle;
  • > 1 x £150 voucher to spend @ Striders Edge;
  • > 1 x £50 voucher to spend @ Charli Cohen;
  • > 2 x Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylks;
  • > 2 x Bounce Balls in their brand new flavours; AND
  • > The best prize of them all….. A Healthy Selfie T-shirt! These aren’t even for sale… so it’s a collectors item!

For the Men:

  • > 1 x Misfit Shine;
  • > 1 x pair of Fat Gripz;
  • > 1 x  The Cut Muscle Tee from Five Feathers Clothing;
  • > 2 x Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylks;
  • > 1 x Nurture With Nature Peanut Butter Granola;
  • > 4 x Bounce Balls in their brand new flavours; AND
  • > A Healthy Selfie T-shirt!

How do you enter? Simply head over to our Instagram and Twitter pages at 8pm tonight – @healthyselfieapp and @healthy_selfie, and do the following:

  1. If you’re on Twitter, retweet our competition post… you’ll know it when you see it;
  2. If you’re on Instagram, regram the image we post, hashtag #healthyselfie and tag us @healthyselfieapp + 3 of your friends;
  3. If you’re on both… Do both! For a greater chance of winning obvs…;
  4. Most importantly, download the App here and tell us your username so we can give you a follow!

We’ll be announcing the Winners on Sunday 22 March so it gives you ample time to get involved!

Have a fabulous week one and all!

The Health and Fitness Social Network. Healthy Selfie is a mobile app for users to photographically track their body changing throughout their fitness journey. Progress Pics


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